Alphabetical Contents - The Great Speeches Video Series
Madeleine Albright - Wingate University Address
Tony Blair - 2001 Labour Party Keynote
John Boehner - Introducing Speaker of the House
Sarah Brady - 1996 DNC Speech
Dale Bumpers - "It's About Sex"
Barbara Bush - 1992 RNC Speech
George H.W. Bush - "Defense of Saudi Arabia"
George H.W. Bush - 1991 State of the Union
George H.W. Bush - Dedication of Clinton Presidential Library
George W. Bush - First Inaugural Address
George W. Bush - "9/11" Speech to Congress
George W. Bush - Eulogy of Columbia Astronauts
George W. Bush - Second Inaugural Address
Robert Byrd"On the Brink of War"
Tony Campolo - 1997 Inaugural Day Sermon
Stokely Carmichael -"We Ain't Going"
Jimmy Carter - Eulogy of Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter - Energy Crisis
Jimmy Carter - Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance
Fidel Castro - Rio Environmental Conference
Cesar Chavez - "The Power of Nonviolence"
Winston Churchill - .Two Wartime Speeches
Bill Clinton - First Inaugural Address
Bill Clinton - 1998 State of the Union
Bill Clinton - Address to the Nation on Kosovo
Bill Clinton - Farewell to His Party
Hillary Rodham Clinton - 1993 Address to the A.M.A
Hillary Rodham Clinton - "Did You Do This Just for Me?"
Mario Cuomo - 1984 DNC Keynote
Tom Daschle - Foreign Policy Address
Elizabeth Dole - Duke University Commencement
Dwight D. Eisenhower - “Atoms for Peace”
Dwight D. Eisenhower - Presidential Farewell Address
Jerry Falwell - America's Policy on South Africa
Louis Farrakhan - Eulogy of Julia Carson
Geraldine Ferraro - Vice Presidential Acceptance
Gerald Ford - Assuming Presidency
Gerald Ford - Pardon of Richard Nixon
Lou Gehrig - Farewell to Baseball
Richard Gephardt - Turning Over the Gavel
Richard Gephardt - "A Plea for Civility"
Newt Gingrich - Becoming Speaker of the House
Rudolph Giuliani - "9/11" Address to U.N.
Elizabeth Glaser - 1992 DNC Speech
Mikhail Gorbachev - Address to Westminster College
Al Gore - 1992 Vice Presidential Acceptance
Al Gore - Presidential Concession
Adolf Hitler - Address to the Nazi Party
Michael Huckabee - "Why I'm a Republican"
Hubert Humphrey - Vice Presidential Acceptance
Jesse Jackson - “Rainbow Coalition”
Jesse Jackson - 1988 DNC Speech
Lyndon B. Johnson - 1965 Voting Rights Act
Lyndon B. Johnson - "Peace Without Conquest"
Lyndon B. Johnson - "Let Us Continue"
Lyndon B. Johnson - "I Will Not Run"
Barbara Jordan - 1976 DNC Keynote
Barbara Jordan - Statement on Impeachment
Edward Kennedy - "Truth & Tolerance in America"
John F. Kennedy - Inaugural Address
John F. Kennedy - Houston Ministerial Association
John F. Kennedy - American University Commencement
John F. Kennedy - "I Am a Berliner"
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr - Wilkes University Commencement
Robert Kennedy - Eulogy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr - “I Have a Dream”
Martin Luther King Jr. - "Mountaintop" Speech
Jeane Kirkpatrick - KAL 007 Disaster
Henry Kissenger - Address on Foreign Policy
Dalai Lama - "Spirituality in Today's World"
Huey Long - "Share the Wealth"
Douglas MacArthur - Farewell Address
Nelson Mandela - Acceptance of Congressional Gold Medal
Malcolm X - "Democracy is Hypocrisy"
John McCain - USC Commencement
John McCain - New School Commencement
Golda Meir - “Peace in the Middle East”
Carol Moseley Braun - Health Care Address
John Murtha - Time to Leave Iraq
Richard Nixon - “Checkers” Speech
Richard Nixon - Presidential Resignation
Richard Nixon - First Inaugural Address
Richard Nixon - "Watergate" Speech
Barack Obama - "A More Perfect Union"
Barack Obama - 2004 DNC Keynote
Geneva Overholser - "What is Good Journalism?"
Nancy Pelosi - Takes Office as New Speaker
Colin Powell - "I Am a Republican"
Colin Powell - Howard University Commencement
Colin Powell - 2000 RNC Keynote
Colin Powell - Speech on Terrorism
Ronald Reagan - 1980 Presidential Acceptance
Ronald Reagan - Moscow University Speech
Ronald Reagan - "Tear Down The Wall!"
Ronald Reagan - "A Time for Choosing"
Ronald Reagan - Tribute to the Challenger Astronauts
Christopher Reeve - 1996 DNC Speech
Ann Richards - Eulogy of Barbara Jordan
Ann Richards - 1988 DNC Keynote
John Roberts - Georgetown Law School Commencement
Jean Rohe - "Standing Up to Power"
Eleanor Roosevelt - United Nations Address
Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1942 State of the Union
Franklin D. Roosevelt - First Inaugural Address
Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1941 Fireside Chat
Franklin D. Roosevelt - Declaration of War
Franklin D. Roosevelt - Third Inaugural Address
Franklin D. Roosevelt - Fourth Inaugural Address
Babe Ruth - Farewell to Baseball
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen - Communism in America
Adlai Stevenson - U.N. Missile Crisis
Margaret Thatcher - Eulogy of Ronald Reagan
Harry S Truman - Whistlestop Speech
Harry S Truman - Hiroshima and Dismissing MacArthur
Lech Walesa - RFK Foundation Awards Keynote
Elie Wiesel - 2006 Dartmouth College Commencement
Naomi Wolf - Scripps College Commencement
Boris Yeltsin - Address to U.S. Congress